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Tribune Comments

A forum to address mass media propaganda.


Comments to the directors regarding a policy to promote population replacement in America through mass media propaganda:


October 20, 2006


Jeffrey Chandler, Director, et al

The Tribune Company

435 North Michigan Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60611



Re: Why does the LA Times portray illegal aliens as victims?

(Book enclosed: State of Emergency by Patrick Buchanan)



Dear Mr. Chandler,


I am a little puzzled as a shareholder.Can you remedy a Los Angeles Times subscription decline when the Times itself and your KTLA station in Los Angeles are both indirectly promoting and defending what has grown into a huge undocumented alien population in California, that is now beginning to sweep across the US?The repopulation of California by was blatantly obvious by 1965, now itís as clear as getting hit by a truck!


Perhaps you could help with this issue by educating the LA Times and KTLA reporters that pander to illegal aliens and portray them as victims; and possibly add a few people who are aware of the demographic data regarding the repopulation of California and now the entire United States.You know that this country may be beginning to wake-up without the help of the commercial media, thanks to the Internet, which anyone might think would encourage more commercial media relevance; perhaps based on some understanding of this countryís survival needs.


The LA Times has for decades portrayed illegal migrants as victims that are need to support America.Well decades ago I did construction work and have planted an orchard without any help, and when you encourage people to do more and better by example they regularly do, so I donít see where the USA is dependent on Mexico for its survival.Doing work is comparatively easy, understanding the Tribuneís media philosophy is more of a challenge.Incidentally Iím not trying to encourage anything resembling a conservative philosophy nor any form of cultural or racial bias; a survival philosophy for the people of this country, well yes certainly.


As a recent example your staff writers, including Jennifer Delson, Christian Berthelsen and Christopher Goffard, on October 19, 2006 page B3, once again portrayed illegal aliens as the victims, in a bizarre and contrived incident, where for some unknown reason an anonymous letter was sent which had objected to any kind of implied right of non-citizens to vote in US elections; since an immigrant working for Tan Nguyen who is running for congress against Loretta Sanchez, had criticized the illegals who are now voting in our elections in order to throw the elections to Mexican candidates. (4)Of course any criticism of such illegal voting is somehow portrayed as discouraging to those migrating aliens who are intent on breaking into and repopulating this country.So the Vietnamese who tried to uphold American laws end up being the ones being investigated by the Department of Justice (DOJ); thanks to the bizarre accusations of the LA Times.Naturally Mexicoís laws and newspapers boldly defend the Mexican people from all invasions, illegal migration or voting by Americans, Guatemalans and everybody else; and even if no one breaks any laws, Mexico can still confiscate anyoneís house, car and money and put someone behind bars where they have to beg relatives to send money in order to stay alive.And somehow this is the sort of future were supposed to welcome here at the rate of 3.5 million illegal entrants per year, plus a population that doubles every 20 years?Why?So more copies of Hoy could be sold?When has any comparable survival help ever being extended to the people of this country?Years ago Iíve spoken with some corporate directors who believed that a massive flow of illegal aliens served their interests; and they maintained a close contact with the Whitehouse and the Bush presidency directly regarding this subject.After we discussed some of the details I realized that they had never thought through the issues, nor did they care about any disastrous consequences; and so they blindly pursued the engineering and mass reproduction of what they felt would be a more desperate and subservient humanity, that would serve their corporate interests.



Your LA Times reporter cleverly described only the public condemnations against some Vietnamese immigrant who made a relatively small syntax error by thinking that the word ďimmigrantĒ is distinguished from ďcitizenĒ, while in some contexts it may include those who are naturalized based on the English translation, while the Spanish translation might not typically imply this distinction, and so may not even be an error; all in order to turn a trivial syntax question into a massive national scale hate crime catastrophe; no doubt with the purpose of defending the bizarre position that illegal aliens should have a right to vote in our national elections?Which no doubt the Times writers would publicly deny, because the stories are all about implication; but at the same time the LA Times is blatantly promoting a full out assault against anyone who tries to suggest that illegal aliens shouldnít vote.Then Ms Delson blames the attorney generalís office for pursuing criminal prosecution against someone who tried to uphold the voting laws.As a defense for her selective focus in the article, she shifts the blame to some defender of illegal aliens at the DOJ; which was how this convoluted point of view presented in the LA Times was all justified.Which resulted in the creation of an extraordinarily deceptive story, all fabricated out of a trivial syntax question made by an Asian immigrant; with the purpose of portraying Latino - Hispanic illegal aliens as victims!!How do I know this for sure? Because I spoke with this reporter at some length and I also know that she had no interest in considering the more serious issue of actual voter fraud, which occurs on a significant scale with no safeguards in place; all of which helps illegal aliens gain control over their life blood: welfare, jobs and political power, in order to pursue their Chicano Reconquista and repopulation.Incidentally this blatantly racist invasion is no longer targeted for just the southwest but now includes all of North America.The stories from the Times undoubtedly indicate that this the attitude you want to promote, apparently in all your newspapers and television stations throughout the US?


So why does the LA Times portray over 40-60 million people who have recently entered the United States illegally as victims? (4)That for some unknown reason canít bear to ever return to the country that they had impoverished and wrecked through overpopulation?Along with their multitudes of upset children and violent gang members that canít go back either?The 14th amendment didnít establish citizenship for the children of illegal aliens who break American laws or intentionally invade this country, just because their parents left jobs in their home country for 10 times better pay here; incidentally denying millions of Americans construction, agriculture and service industry jobs in their own country; then proceed to blatantly accuse Americans that they canít feed themselves without the help of illegal aliens; although Americans have been feeding themselves and much of the world for centuries.


Illegals further claim they have the right to repopulate the United States, because Spain meant to give North America exclusively to Mexicans, who are thanks to the University of Arizonaís DNA analysis, known descendants of Siberians and Mongolians, and not actually native to the Americas, nor even practicing any indigenous way of life and not even vaguely considerate of our natural world; who are in fact an extraordinarily nationalistic people dedicated to the interests of Mexico and the invasion of their enemy the United States.Apparently China had to build a number of 4000 mile long walls over thousands of years, the last one being approximately 25-30 feet wide and 30 feet tall, all built by hand and out of stone to protect China from aggression and a genocidal invasion, that is now occurring to the United States on a far more massive scale with approximately 100,000,000 illegals who have entered since 1965, along with a population that doubles every 20 years; at a cost to Americans of over 2 trillion dollars per year in welfare, food and rent subsidies, with a multitude of free legal and social services, free education, free jobs, the confiscation of Americaís cities and infrastructure, the spread of third world diseases, the long-term burdening of Americaís national debt, and finally by the murder of 9000 Americans each year by a people that are forcibly tripling the homicide rate here.



Mexicans apparently donít want to know that they are not indigenous, and migrated here from Siberia, Mongolia and Western Europe as everyone else; because they are engaged in a genocidal war based on reproductive conquest, that has vastly more deadly consequences for the US than World War 2 and is not being reported; the fact is the invasion is being actively covered-up, which means itís being protected, by the Tribune Company including the LA Times and KTLA.


And we are supposed to believe that these invaders from a considerably more violent culture, who crossed our borders, typically at night, are somehow the victims of our country; and that all the Americans who are loosing their country with no real options of moving, obtaining jobs or citizenship anywhere else are somehow the mean spirited racist; while the people who invaded our country and who blatantly created hundreds of exclusionary racist organizations and even label themselves racist or ďLa RazaĒ with slogans like: "For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing." these people are somehow our amigos? (2)All because a few unbalanced wealthy Americans want a massive continent of 2 billion consumers?Greater consumption isnít fundamental to wealth.The supposedly subservient migrants that are being paid to repopulate America can easily eliminate that vision of a new North American empire founded on consumption, perhaps violently.There is no evidence that Mexico is offering us a stable economic or political model, nor are have many of the best and brightest of Mexico crossed our borders at night.We are certainly getting the most desperate, aggressive and violent who are intent on intentionally over populating and conquering this country through violence or a civil war when they are the majority; which is not particularly far in the future.


The more homogeneous population that used to read the LA Times 50 years ago has declined from 96% of the regionís inhabitants to a very small fraction of the current births.And the LA Times hasnít even hired one writer to mention any of the related demographic and survival issues, nor identified the illegal alien strategies, nor suggested any solutions?Is this because the LA Times and the Tribune Company need to play it safe, or in fact want this country taken over by a population they believe they can control, like the ruling elite in Mexico City?Well thereís nothing safe about any such a political transformation; it can be undoubtedly disastrous for what remains of your readers and perhaps your company, based on the last half century's data.



Itís difficult to understand why anyone might care to reshape public opinion in order to multiply what they believe is a subservient population; such as Cardinal Mahoney and his Good Samaritan homilies which have nothing to do with a justification for the repopulation of the United States, any more than moving petafiles around saves the Church money.Particularly when thereís a creative hardworking population here that originated the most successful industries and country in history; and their reward now is to be disposed of.Such political objectives take a chance of being charged with crimes against humanity; particularly since the repopulation process can be readily classified as genocide by some Nuremberg like tribunal.If 100 million illegal aliens invaded Mexico, the United Nations and NATO would both be sending in troops to drive out and eliminate the invaders. Perhaps only Americaís spin-doctors could package a repopulation program and try to make it appear benign, at least for a while.


As you know the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 backed by Edward Kennedy was only part of the key to opening the borders.The other part was simply to ignore the entire unfenced border along with all the employment and immigration laws, including the 14th amendment, which doesnít legalize anchor-babies.Coincidentally JFK was the last president to maintain the integrity of our borders.I have walked along the beach from south of San Diego into Playas de Tijuana without any interruptions during the mid 1980ís.In fact itís fairly easy to leave Mexico and cross into San Diego County today.†† There is a battle here that has been in progress since 1965 intended to overwhelm America through open borders, mass migration and the export of American technology, along with a massive national debt; all of which is incrementally costing the livelihood and the survival of millions of families that are being eliminated forever in this grotesque invasion and reproductive assault; which is fully supported by our tax dollars.As an alternative to this catastrophic assault your media outlets could be instrumental in this countryís survival by simply broadening the range of news coverage.Incidentally Clear Channelís KFI radio is doing well in the ratings objecting to this invasion and the aggressive Reconquista policy scheduled for America.



††††††††††† With over 1000 stations being devoted to Latino/Hispanic programming, thereís now only one AM radio show in the western US that provides even a small portion of its time to some of Americaís survival needs; all of which is certainly more than a little biased.Which does not suggest that the topic has to be divisive; because there are over 40 million Mexican-Americans that are also going to be impacted by the continuing invasion along with everybody else.Nor are there any significant charitable contributions being offered to defend this country; while the Ford Foundation among many others are contributing 10ís of millions financing illegal immigration advocacy groups.Is the invasion and repopulation of America intentional?Itís impossible to see how any of this could be accidental; thereís far too much evidence.Some of the questions that might surface are: is killing off America and replacing its people legal?Who is involved, who supported the effort and who benefited?Apparently there are a variety of solutions to some of the dilemmas that have been developed during the past Ĺ century, however I wouldnít presume that would be an area of interest, so Iíll end here.Besides I wouldnít be surprised if you were vastly better informed about the history of this struggle over supposedly lower cost labor and the North American Union.Nevertheless I had expected a more aware media response to such a significant issue by 1970 at the latest; and now I see that there has been no consideration at the LA Times or KTLA during the past 40 years.What would the publishers and station managers be waiting for?Obviously 2% of your influence could initiate a tremendous opportunity for understanding that could benefit the survival of all cultures, and turn Americaís future in a positive direction that could be sustained for centuries, as well as be profitable for your company; all of which is my fervent hope.However I would be extraordinarily surprised if any consideration for Americaís humanity and survival were ever to appear on the Tribuneís agenda; even if simply to elevate the vision of your media and its corresponding value.





tribuneco @ lycos. com








Student Racial and Ethnic History (Entire Los Angeles Unified School District)

Student Racial and Ethnic History





Pac Isl










































































q          The various media universally try to identify illegal aliens as immigrants or undocumented workers.Neither are true, illegal aliens are not immigrants, they are in fact considerably more aggressive people who broke in to rob another country of its resources created by many generations of another people.Incidentally Americans would be imprisoned or killed if we invaded Mexico in the same way; and second they are not undocumented, they are well documented in Mexico or some other country.Here they are actually invaders clinging to their national heritage.Significantly, anyone opposed to the invasion of the United States is called anti-immigrant by most media outlets or labeled a racist, even if they are legal Mexicans, Asian or Italian immigrants themselves.The terms Latino and Hispanic were contrived by Mexicans to sell a more marketable image of illegal aliens, so that it seemed like they came from Italy or Spain, in order to redirect Americaís attention away from the massive reproductive conquest being forced on the US by 100 million illegal aliens, who kill 3 times as many Americans every year as the 9/11/2001 attacks; by a population that doubles every 20 years and which we are compelled to finance.The population of Mexico was 10 million in 1910, itís now over 240 million in both the United States and Mexico, with a predominant allegiance to Mexico; which is supported by hundreds of Mexican political organizations in the United States, which are in turn funded by the Ford Foundation and almost every major corporation in the United States.





3)Considerations and questions:


q          There are many bright and capable Mexicans; so why does the US set-up the primary path for migration to the United States that requires climbing over a fence at night; that only attracts the most desperate, uneducated and violent Mexicans and Central Americans, that are determined to repopulate the US, take our jobs, test their violent skills here and tell us weíre in the wrong country, while sustaining a replacement culture on over 1000 Latino/Hispanic television and radio stations?


q          The Apache and Navajo have been expelling Aztecs and Mexicans for thousands of years in response to their invasions, their violence and human sacrifices in the Arizona and New Mexico region; some of which history is described in Geronimoís autobiography.The US Army however attacked the Apache and ended Americaís border defense and the balance that was being maintained by Geronimo until 1886.


q          Why does Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa get more television airtime, including on KTLA, than all other national, state and local politicians combined?It must be obvious that he has a long history as a proud La Raza Reconquista advocate, and is being popularized for the role of Governor or President; to terminate the history of the United States.


q          When the people who created the richest country in history literally die off, and at the same time they are invaded and taken over by an aggressive and violent neighbor; -- that has to be the most serious case of mismanagement and genocide in world history; and then we get a mass media cover-up that tells us not to notice that 100 million desperate and pissed-off people speaking a foreign language, and considering that the entire continent is exclusively theirs are here to stay, and being given our jobs, our schools, our cities, our taxes and our welfare; without contributing even 1/10 of one-percent of the costs.


q          If America became an overpopulated violent slum of 500 million that looks like Mexico, this country may not be as economically successful as Japan with just 100 million.However further growing to a population of 2 billion largely desperate and aggressive people may just end up creating an environmental and economic disaster with little opportunity for recovery.Has anyone ever researched the overpopulated countries on the edge of a civil war, and observed the massive tragedies that result?Apparently we are moving toward that future.


q          The population replacement that happened in Los Angeles is happening to Europe and Australia.This is the legacy of one billion human lives that is being lost forever and aggressively replaced by desperation and the impoverishment of humanity and nature; which can ultimately permanently impoverish the future of humanity.How is that conceivably beneficial for anyone?


q          None of these observations are a suggestion that any form of special consideration regarding any of these issues needs to be extended; just the restoration of all damages inflicted and all lives lost, with the presentation of in depth understanding and fairness in the mass media, with at least the same degree of permanent protection that has been offered the people in Mexico; without the promotion of deceptions, invasion, repopulation nor continued assaults against Americaís people, and by supporting the survival and well-being of Americaís beneficial human legacy.How could understanding and survival be too costly to ever be considered?


Treaty to repopulate America, Vicente Fox and George Bush, 2001






Times story referenced, excerpt from the story of October 17, 2006:


State Investigating Intimidating Letter Sent to O.C. Latinos

Anti-illegal immigrant group disavows the letter, which focuses on voting issues.

By Jennifer Delson, Times Staff Writer
October 17, 2006


The state attorney general is investigating a Spanish-language letter warning some Orange County Latinos that they could be jailed or deported if they vote in the November election.

The letter, which purports to be from a Huntington Beach-based group, also warns that the state has developed a tracking system that will allow the names of Latino voters to be handed over to anti-immigrant groups.

"You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time Ö," the letter says.


Ö One person who received the letter is the wife of a Garden Grove City Council candidate. She said her husband, Benny Diaz, called friends after the letter arrived and found five others with Latino surnames who had received the note.

"It's a very malicious and degrading letter. It's to pull Latinos down and make them afraid," said Diaz, who is president of the Garden Grove chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

"Of course it's going to affect me and any other Latino candidate in Orange County," he added.

John TrasviŮa, interim president and general counsel for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said he had asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the letter.

Sen. Gloria Romero (D-Los Angeles), who called on California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson and state Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer to investigate, believes the letter is an effort to scare Latinos from voting in Orange County.

"You can't help but feel disgusted with the contents of this letterÖ. I'm not just going to sit silent," said Romero, who is up for reelection in November.

Lockyer spokesman Nathan Barankin said the letter was "something we are investigating aggressively right now," he said.

The sender could be charged with a felony and receive up to three years in state prison, he said.

TrasviŮa wants an investigation of a "potential violation" of federal election law, which prohibits intimidation, threats or coercion.

He said he was aware of six people who received the letter, all of whom "appear to be naturalized citizen voters from Latin American countries." Voters' birthplaces are available from voter registration records.

Ö(Barbara Coe) said her group was investigated by the FBI in 1996 and 1998 because members held signs near polls stating that only citizens can vote.

The letter's assertion that immigrants can't vote is untrue, because immigrants who become naturalized citizens can register to vote. TrasviŮa said that an undocumented immigrant who voted could be subject to deportation and jail.

The letter's assertion that the state has developed a computer system that will make it easy to track down immigrants and illegal residents, however, is false, he said.

Amin David, who leads the civic group Los Amigos of Orange County, said the Spanish used in the letter is very formal, perhaps suggesting it was written by a non-native speaker. The Spanish includes grammatical errors.






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The Border near San Diego, where thereís actually some limited fencing in a few areas, which slows crossing into the US by a few seconds.Apparently Federal law prohibits barbed wire from being used on top of the fence, to avoid slowing illegal entry.The fence shown is regularly cut apart with acetylene torches and smashed down by heavy trucks for mass entry by the Felix Drug Cartel who Iíve briefly encountered, and who take their share of the $400 billion per year drug transport industry; as well as creating a dysfunctional American youth, and without a doubt positioning themselves for expanded control of the United States.




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Opinions and Responses:

October 28, 2006 ElMex de Tx

Hey you gringo fu*ker we are the ones taking over your shit capitalist country and thereís nothing you shit Americans can do about it. Care to check it out. Itís already too late, we will fu*k anything if its from Mexico and continue to take your jobs and welfare for ourselves, including screwing your blond girls who are soo soo guilty that they feel sorry for us, because weíre discriminated against by you stinkin racist, so that they will have our Mexicanized kids and none of yours, you fuxed up money grubbing suckers, youíre going to git shit!!!!!! Youre already dead!!!!!!!

October 29, 2006 Paul Sanchez, Orange County California

There are only a few Americans of Mexican descent that I would vote for in any election on any day, only because they donít want this country to be taken over and wrecked by Mexico. However I donít tolerate any of the guilt that Americanís have been given through the media propaganda here, thatís a joke. Guilt for Mexicoís self-inflicted overpopulation, guilt for Mexicoís self-inflicted poverty and for the violence that mostly racist Mexicans and Central Americans have brought here, that is driving 50,000,000 Mexican invaders here or perhaps as you say the 100,000,000 that are now here to repopulate the United States and bring all their crazy problems here. Thanks to all the deceptions and guilt propaganda that the television and newspapers and the Catholic Church, of which I am no longer a member, have pushed on everyone here.

October 30, 2006 Ed, Moline Illinois

You dummy you completely missed the point of the Chandler Family and therefore the Tribuneís response.

Given that agriculture is the primary industry that draws on, actively attracts and legislates for more illegal aliens; even though only 2% may stay in agriculture work and 98% move to cities for construction jobs to help expand the housing for millions of additional illegal aliens; itís no wonder that the Chandler family a substantial owner of the Tribune Company and independent owners of perhaps the largest avocado plantation in the United States, who now direct the activities of dozens of large newspapers and television stations, would obviously continue to support the repopulation of the United States, regardless of whether itís a genocidal attack on the people of America, regardless of their reaction or background, and regardless if the American people are willing to pay a little more for their vegetables in order to support American labor; those are not options; the option of not repopulating and destroying the United States is never going to be offered to Americans by the Tribune Company, and therefore not by the Democratic party or the Republican party.

The Chandlers and their allies in the Catholic Church hierarchy will undoubtedly continue to eliminate Americans particularly the educated ones, through their mass media guilt and phony compassion propaganda for all the Illegal alien invaders; and yes it is a genocide according to the United Nationís definition; and all Americaís billionaires wealth, regardless of what country they try to hide it in, might ultimately be handed over to some Mexican socialistic regime here in the US, financed by Mexican narcotics traffickers that will eventually run our country, should we be lucky enough to be allowed to survive. The government, the media, the educators, the judges, the police, the religions and all the billionaires who run everything all are all on the side of the death of America, so it will die, itís that simple, and you canít stop it, and the American people are far too stupid and passive to even think of something that could work.

October 30, 2006 BK, Newark NJ

The Chandler Family is rich and will always be rich and you will always be a looser who bitterly complains. Screw you, grow up, make some money, yea any way you can, just like everybody else, you pompous piece of shit. I donít give a shit for the American people and neither does anybody else, and I donít care if they survive. This country belongs to Mexico, not because they are Native Americans. They are no more Native Americans than anybody from Newark New Jersey. This country belongs to Mexico because they are willing to kill for it, just the way the capitalistic Europeans did 200 years ago. What are you delicate intellectuals going to do fight back, stop billions of tons of media propaganda, upset professional Mexican killers and then defend yourself? Youíre a fool itís as simple as that. When the billionaires are done with their American genocide it will appear in 2 or 3 books as an insignificant footnote in some dusty library. Yeah the precious American people will be gone both here and in Europe, and yeah this place will look like a Mexican slum with 2 billion fat drunken turkeys all killing each other to get Chinese electric cars and get some fat lump of shit pregnant. Thatís our future Ė so grow up and screw anybody you want, in your case with birth control so that some woman wont have to abort the kid.

October 31, 2006 Kiko, Oklahoma

Iím a Mexicana working in Oklahoma to feed lazy Americans. You are all going to die thatís for sure and we are still going to be here, pregnant, driving your old cars on your roads in your cities. The data shows it all. Your women are too selfish to have kids, particularly the educated and the good-looking ones. Good-bye forever you shits. Incidentally just get yourselves sterilized and adopt kids from Africa and China like Angelina Jolie or Madonna. You're all full of it.

November 2, 2006 Rod, UK

Americaís failed corporate philosophy, which no longer generates significant innovative products that the world wants or needs, and no longer provides a tariff to protect American workers, is now banking on a primitive third world strategy evolved in the bananna republics of Central America; that is massive overpopulation and the mass marketing of cheap consumer products from China via Wal-Mart, General Motors and all the others; which is leaving America with nothing to sell anyone else and dozens of trillions of dollars in debt, that could crush the United States. Incidentally which can only be an intentional corporate objective. Americaís leaders can not be so stupid that itís an accident. However the results can be quite viscious for the American people who have been duped by their own mass media propaganda. Iíll stay here in the UK until the Atlantic currents stop and freeze all Europeans along with our future Arab majority. Of course we canít use our military to protect ourselves from invasion and conquest because that would offend some corporate board of directors, who have been given the right to rule the world, wreck it and bankrupt everybody else. Heaven forbid anyone would object to their divine rights; better to blame white people and make them extinct than offend a wealthy person. Who wrote our social rulebook, apparently our media boards of directors.

Also look at the holdings of: AOL-Time Warner, Disney, Bertelsmann, Viacom, News Corporation, TCI, General Electric, NBC, Sony, Columbia, TriStar Pictures, Seagram, Universal film, Clear Channel, the BBC, Berlusconi, Hearst, Grupo PRISA, Vivendi, Washington Post, Televisa, Gannett, New York Times Company, etc.

November 4, 2006 Evan, Salt Lake City

Americaís CEOís are doing all the work for their communist party opponents, by encouraging 10ís of millions of poor to repopulate our country, destroying the capitalist middle class, allying the new poor of America with a decaying Mexican oligarchy, paying for political hypocrites to run the country, shipping Americaís industrial base to China, then going into an unrepayable debt to the Chinese Communists, and promoting anti-American sentiments in the media. Eventually the poor in America will turn to communism to survive, dismantle hundreds of corporate empires and loot family fortunes no matter where they are hidden. If corporate directors wonít protect Americaís labor, there will be nobody left to defend anyone else in this interesting future.

November 4, 2006 Nadja, Florida

Read some history or anthropology, societies have been killing each other for thousands of years. Mexico has been planning for this invasion for 200 years; itís just the Americans who canít believe that itís happening to them. Revolutions always come as a surprise to those who are toppled.

November 5, 2006 BB, San Diego

If any growers cared about the illegals they hire to pick their crops, they would hire only citizens and put a sticker on their fruit saying ďGrown with US laborĒ. But Americaís farmers who make 10ís or 100ís of millions of dollars every year from America, think they can make more money faster if they imported 3 million illegal Mexicans here every year and had no fences or laws to stop them from destroying this country. And if the Chandler family is one of the largest growers of Avocados in the USA, then why wouldnít they use the LA Times and all the rest of the Tribune television stations to protect the illegal alien invasion. It would appear that they see destroying the United States and the American people as in their financial interest and will not change, nor help America survive. Asking the Tribune for consideration will not work; they will not help the American people survive! If they were interested in helping they would have done something, they had half a century to think it over.

November 6, 2006 Rhini, Alhambra Mexifornia

You American shit heads try to figure it all out. You multi-culturalism is dead because your own familys are dead. We donít give a shit about your racial diversity, we will wipe you out in every way, including big business, Mexicans will own the USA including all your atomic bombs, your television stations and newspapers, we can force you to sell at our price. We are 70% of the babies in California now, and we will make 75% of the kids born in the USA soon and we will call this country whatever we want, because we will own it all, and we will eliminate you any way we want. We can vote to take all your money from you, and you will die!!!! Antonio Villaraigosa is going to be our first president with direct connections with Mexico. We are all born here so we are all citizens, so we will decide how and when we connect with Mexico. You cant do anything about it now, itís too late for you. Go somewhere and die you pieces of shit. Right now Mexico City is bigger than New York, Chicago and Los Angeles combined, and we are ready to take you over with the biggest weapon of all, which we are using to impregnate your stupid daughters. If it isnít legal now it will be soon, oh yea it is legal now just like in Atzlan. So donít insult us that we are fat, ugly and stupid because you wont even exist soon, you will all be dead. Yea beg your rich to help you, beg your judges, they will help us not you. Itís really very simple, because you are all gringo racist!! Ask your own Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez he will help you understand, you and your country are over.

November 7, 2006, Enrique, Phoenix de Atzlan

Your comfortable world is going to end you shit-heads, yea you americanos. This is now Atzlan, a Mexica country, and you are all out of here, including your fu*ked-up empire and foreign gringo corporations. Your schools didnít teach us shit. Now get the fu*k out!!!


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